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At the most northern tip of Denmark where the Skagerak and Kattegat Seas meet lies a small romantic village, miles of white sandy beaches surround the remote fishing village a location that is described as so naturally beautiful time stands still. It’s name of course is Skagen (the Skaw) It is the romantic beauty and isolation of this village that led to the world famous Skagen designs to lend its name. Skagen watches are Extremely popular due to their high quality clean elegant designs and fair price tag. Best of all most of their watches complement anything you might wear.

A brief history

Established in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst natives of Copenhagen in Denmark all Skagen watches are based on the founding principles high quality at affordable prices. In 1987 Henrik and Charolette left Copenhagen (Denmark) for New York to head the North American marketing operation for Carlsberg. Soon after they were sent watches by a friend to see if they could market them in America. Based on that success they progressed to design their own watches and jewellery based on the principles of high quality with affordable price Skagen was born. The company has grow to enormous success and valued at $250 million.

Each watch is individually tested at each stage of its manufacturing  lifecycle and is guaranteed to meet your expectations and will be free of defects that may otherwise be caused during manufacture. Each watch has a generous three year guarantee should your watch fail simply return it to Skagen. The logo for Skagen designs symbolises the meeting of Skagerak and the Kattegat Seas at the tip of skagen.

Skagen make watches for both men and women we specialise in skagen watches for ladies.Typically ladies Skagen watches are thin with characteristic face and a quality quartz movement. They are typically dress watches but are great all rounder’s and suitable for most occasions Many of the exquisite watches are of titanium design which is 4 times harder than steel, also leads to its lightweight and stain proof construction, comfort and durability.

Skagen watches have more variety for women than they do for men although they do cater for both sexes they are a more feminine style of watch.

Where to buy

You can see the full selection of Skagen watches and buy from http://www.skagenwatch.co.uk but we wouldn’t recommend that. If you buy your watch from Amazon you can save a lot of money.

Looking at a popular Ladies Skagen Watch the one pictured to the left watch serial number 358SSSD it costs 50% more at the official Skagen shop than with Amazon.

Buy From Skagen.co.uk £99.00

Buy from Amazon £66.49

To see more individual watches check out our blog. To check out the entire Skagen selection at Amazon click here







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